About our brand

Our offer includes women’s blouses with various versions of necklines and sleeves in four colours, which will be expanded with new designs and colours over time. 

Our offer is addressed to women who value good quality and simple practical solutions. That is why we have created a place where our client will always be able to find her favourite classic blouse and use it as the foundation of any outfit: elegant, casual or sporty.  Our products are solidly made of good quality and durable material so that you can enjoy them for a long time. 

We support domestic and local industry, therefore our contractors and suppliers are Polish entrepreneurs, mainly from Pomerania.  The material we use has been tested by us for two years for its endurance. The main component of the material is viscose fibers, which make the material breathable, absorb moisture and soft and pleasant to the skin. The admixture of polyamide prevents the fibers from filling out,  pilling and discolouring. Spandex affects the stretchability, making the blouses comfortable to wear. The fabric is steamed, which guarantees that the blouses will not shrink in the wash. 

Some information about viscose which is an underrated material. Viscose is made of wood cellulose, therefore it is classified as a plant fiber produced artificially in technological processes. It belongs to very hygienic fibers. It breathes very well and absorbs moisture. It is pleasant to the skin. Its disadvantage is that it can crease and pill, but the admixture of polyamide eliminates this problem.

Combining natural
 and plant fibers, such as viscose or cotton, with a small amount of synthetic fibers, improves the quality of clothing, making the material more durable, e.g. it does not pill nor fill out.

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